Misc. Product History

Here are the complete product histories for the currently available Apple Misc. and Accessory products.

Apple Watch History

DateDays Since Last UpdateUpdate Event
4/10/20150Initial Release
9/9/2015152New Band Colors
3/21/2016194New Band Colors / Price Cut
9/9/2016172Series 1 & 2 Released
9/12/2017368Series 3 Announced
9/12/2018365Series 4 Announced
9/10/2019363Series 5 Announced, Series 4 discontinued, Series 3 remains
9/15/2020371Series 6 and Watch SE released.
Series 5 Discontinued
Series 3 remains

AppleTV History

DateDays Since Last UpdateUpdate Event
1/15/200801st Gen. Stand-Alone Device
7/10/2008177Software Update
9/1/20107832nd Gen.
3/7/20125533rd Gen.
3/9/20151,097Price Reduction
9/9/20151844th Gen.
9/12/2017734AppleTV 4K Announced

HomePod History

DateDays Since Last UpdateUpdate Event
June 5, 20170Product Announcement
January 26, 2018235Available for pre-order
February 9, 201814Initial Release

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