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Recently, we gave you some tips on how to be your own Apple Genius (read the article here).  Since then, Apple has closed all of their stores outside of China and with it, the chance to get a higher level of service has gone away.

If you have an older Mac, no longer covered under Apple Care or you have an issue that is outside of the standard warranty, we have some resources to help solve those tougher software and hardware problems.

F1 Computer Services

While a restart of your computer will often fix an issue, there are going to be times when you need help to troubleshoot and diagnose an issue. Issues like a corrupt preference file may stop an application from opening, a malformed email header may crash Apple Mail or a particular application could interfere with the rest of your Mac. These types of problems are often easy to fix, but while it might take you hours to search out the cause, a trained professional may be able to find the issue and correct it in a few minutes.  That’s where F1 Computer Services can help.

Since 1989, F1 Computer Services has provided hardware and software support to individuals and businesses for both Macs and PC.  They are available to assist with purchase, set-up, maintenance of hardware, networks and Internet access.

For software issues, they can provide guidance on the right software for your particular needs, assist with the purchase process and then provide assistance with the installation, configuration and training on the use of that software.

But during these times, perhaps their most important service is their ability to provide remote support for your macOS and application issues.  Here is just a partial list of the issues they can assist with.

  • macOS installation and upgrades
  • Apple Mail and Outlook
  • Office 365
  • Cloud Storage issues
  • System responsiveness
  • Missing data issues
  • Network configuration

They use HelpDesk software, a division of iDrive, that allows them to connect to your Mac remotely.  This not only allows the F1 technician to see what the exact issue is or read the specific error message, but it speeds up the troubleshooting process and often leads to a quicker repair. And with the ability to connect remotely, F1 Computer Services can provide the same level of service, no matter where you are.

F1 Computer Services is reasonably priced.  Remote support is just $90.00 per hour but is charged in 15-minute increments, so you only pay for the time it takes to do the repair. F1 Computer Services is located in New York City and can be contacted by phone at (646) 623-1001, or by email at You can also check out their web site at

Rossmann Repair Group

We are big fans of AppleCare and have always recommended that you should include AppleCare when you purchase any Apple hardware. But there are many situations that occur which fall outside the AppleCare warranty and because of Apple’s repair policies, can be a major expense to get fixed.

If you find yourself in that situation, you should check out Rossman Repair Group.  Located at 141 W. 27th Street, New York, NY, Louis Rossmann and his staff can diagnose and repair just about any issue that befalls your MacBook.

What makes Rossmann Repair Group different from Apple or an Authorized Apple Repair Center, is that Rossmann does board level repairs.  What that means, instead of replacing an entire motherboard, Rossmann will look for the specific component on the motherboard that has failed, and replace just that item.  This often results in a repair cost, hundreds of dollars below what Apple would charge. Louis Rossmann also believes in trying to educate people about the work he does and has created an extensive video series showing many of the repairs he has done.  Here is just one example of a Rossmann Repair Group video.

Rossmann uses top quality components and has an extensive supply of MacBook parts in stock so your repair can be completed quickly.  They also offer free estimates and can assist in providing packaging if you need to mail your unit to them for repair.

You should be aware that technically, work done by Rossmann Repair Group will void your Apple warranty so we recommend you use them for repairs that are not covered under Apple’s standard warranty or the extended warranty of AppleCare.  However, in those cases where an out of warranty repair is needed for a unit that would otherwise be repairable by Apple, you may find that the lower repair costs from Rossman may be worth the loss of your future warranty benefits, especially if the repair is due to liquid damage or some other event that may never happen again.

While we are talking about MacBook repairs, Rossman Repair Group can also handle issues with your iPhone and iPad.  They can also assist with hard drive and iPhone data recovery. Rossmann Repair Group is currently open 7-days a week.  You can reach them by phone at (347) 552-2258 or by email at  You can also get more details and information at

The Bottom Line

Apple products are extremely reliable and many times users can resolve their own issues. But there are times when you need help from an expert who knows the inner workings of macOS or how to find a short circuit on a motherboard.  Fortunately, companies like F1 Computer Services and Rossman Repair Group are standing by to save the day, when your Apple software or hardware needs an expert touch.

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