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One of the things we love about our Apple products is “they just work”. That is, until they don’t.  Chances are, if you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod, at one time, you encountered a frozen device or is got stuck on the Apple logo during a software update, or just had a black screen.  While Apple provides details on how to fix these issues, they often involve needing a copy of iTunes and may, in some cases, lead to data loss.  If you are looking for an alternative to fix these problems, and more, check out ReiBoot from Tenorshare.

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Well-designed screens

What is ReiBoot?

ReiBoot is an iTunes alternative that can repair many of the issues that you may encounter on your iOS device, without the fear of data loss.

ReiBoot is compatible with a wide range of iOS devices including iPhone 4/4s through the latest iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, iPad 4 through iPad Pro and iPod Touch 1 – 6.  It is compatible with iOS 7 and later, including the current iOS 12.

ReiBoot – Test Results

It’s a little difficult to test ReiBoot given that its main purpose is to fix an iOS device that is stuck in recovery mode or has any number of issues that prevent it from working correctly since we do not currently have any devices that have an issue.  Even so, we wanted to see how the application works so we went through some of the process.

Installation of the application was simple and straight forward.  Tenorshare provides links on their web site to download a .exe file for Windows users or a .dmg file for Mac users.  We focused on the Mac version and a double click of the .dmg file opens an install window.  A simple dragging of the ReiBoot icon to the Applications folder completes the installation in a couple of minutes.

Overall, we found the application very straight-forward to use.  The screens are well designed and provide easy to follow step-by-step instructions on what to do.

Once you connect your iOS device to your Mac and unlock it you get the main screen with a choice to Enter Recovery Mode, Exit Recovery or Repair Operating System.

ReiBoot Main Screen

The application automatically recognized that we connected an iPhone XS.

If you elect to Repair the operating system, ReiBoot downloads a copy of the appropriate version of iOS that is currently running on your device which in our case was properly identified as iOS 12.1.1.

We don’t know this for sure, but we assume that somehow, ReiBoot is accessing Apple’s servers to download the needed firmware file.

ReiBoot Firmware Download Screen

Once the download is complete you are given the option to repair your iOS device.  It is at this point that you are presented with the screen to upgrade to the Pro version ReiBoot.

ReiBoot Upgrade Screen

ReiBoot – Free vs. Pro

It’s difficult to say that there is a free version of the software since it really doesn’t allow you to do much.  We would have preferred that Tenorshare called it a sample version.  Below is a chart to explain what the different versions do.

Feature ReiBoot Free Version ReiBoot Pro Version
Enter Recovery Mode Yes Yes
Exit Recovery Mode Limited to 5 Times Yes
Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo No Yes
Fix iPhone Back Screen No Yes
Fix iPhone Frozen Screen No Yes
Fix iTunes Update/Restore Errors No Yes
Unlock iPhone Disabled Screen Mo Yes
Fix iPhone Stuck on Loading No Yes
Fix iPhone Boot Loop No Yes
Reset iPhone without iTunes No Yes

As you can see, to take advantage of ReiBoot’s functionality, you need to purchase the Pro version.


Tenorshare offers several different options for purchasing ReiBoot.

A one-month license allowing you to manage 1 – 5 devices is currently priced at $35.95.  A one-year license for the same 1 – 5 devices is $39.95, while a lifetime license for 1-5 devices is $49.95.

Additional options are available for one-year licenses up to unlimited devices at various price points and is available at the Tenorshare web site, here.

Given the small difference in pricing, we would suggest you purchase the Lifetime license.

About Tenorshare Co., Ltd.

Tenorshare is an international software company founded in 2007.  They have created award winning software products focused on data recovery and transfer, system repair and password unlockers for iOS, Mac, Windows and Android platforms. They provide users with solutions for device content management, data recovery, password recovery, system repair and other practical mobile phone and computer essentials. Today, Tenorshare’s products and services are trusted by more than 10 million users worldwide.

The Bottom Line

ReiBoot is a nice application, but does anyone really need it?

Pretty much everything that ReiBoot can do can be done in iTunes.  That said, we know there are a lot of people that would prefer to never use iTunes and for them, ReiBoot may be a great alternative.  The other issue is how often would you need it.

Since we first got an iPhone there may have been only one or two occasions that we had a software upgrade fail or needed to deal with a frozen screen.  Admittedly, one of those instances was very troublesome and we ultimately had to wipe all the settings and data from our iPhone and start over.  In that instance, it would have been nice to have an application like ReiBoot to fix the issue without losing all the data.

Weather this software has value to you is an individual choice but if you are the household tech support specialist or just hate using iTunes to fix iOS issues, ReiBoot may be worth the investment.

We would like to thank the folks at Tenorshare for providing us a copy of the Pro version of ReiBoot Pro for our evaluation.

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  • Felix says:

    I think is a waste of time and internet to force the user to download the firmware before warning that the program won’t really do anything. I had a awful experience with ReiBoot thanks to that, I lost my time with fake news propaganda. I could buy it, but now I don’t want to because I felt stupid for wasting my time.

  • DK says:

    Alternatively, you can try this tool TunesKit iOS System Recovery, which can help you reset your phone and solve some iOS-related problems such as screen freeze without losing data. It’s simple to use and fixed my iPhone 6s which was stuck on the disabled screen. It’s friendly to non-technical people.

  • MJ says:

    Does the TunesKit iOS System Recovery fix microphone issues with iPhone 7 Plus…keeps cutting out when I’m talking to people where I can hear them but they can’t hear me unless I keep my finger on the volume up button all the time.

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