Surprisingly Useful Apps to Help Boost Your Fitness Levels

With nearly 160 million Americans being classified as either overweight or obese, it is no wonder that an increasing number of iPhone users are seeking out fitness-related apps to help them maintain a healthier lifestyle. While we have become very familiar with the big names in fitness apps, including MyFitnessPal, Nike Training Club, and Shred, there are many very useful apps that have not garnered the same attention. If you want to get in shape but prefer to do it with the help of a somewhat quirkier application, the following should definitely be at the top of your list of apps to try in 2020.

Zombies, Run! is fun

If you want to add running to your exercise regime but find it excruciatingly boring, Zombies, Run! may be the app for you.  The application makes running fun by combining exercise with audiobook storytelling – with a plot so addictive you will find yourself wanting to take to the road at all hours of the day. The app will see you become Runner 5, one of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. You join one of a handful of survivor camps and have to start earning your keep by completing certain tasks that will be explained to you via audio messages.

The zombie chase sequences will require you to run faster for a pre-determined period of time in order to escape the undead that is chasing you – boosting your exercise efforts considerably. The app is fun and has giving running a much-needed makeover.  There is a plethora of value crammed into the app, making it well-worth any money spent on in-app purchases.

You can learn more about the app here.

iNaturalist is tops!

Whether you are a novice cyclist or have been at it for years, you will know how important it is to have the right bike for a safe and comfortable ride, wear the correct safety gear, and plan your route in advance. There are a number of renowned apps available to help you tick off all these boxes, as well as document your rise in terms of distance traveled and even calories burned. What these apps don’t typically offer is a sense of fun, which is where iNaturalist comes in. The app provides cyclists with the means to explore the nature surrounding them without leaving the bike path. 

Although not solely designed for cyclists, the app does encourage you to stop for a minute or two to observe your surroundings. Not only are you able to document interesting animal- and plant-life you may encounter, but you can also have it identified and verified by a panel of volunteer experts. The app is easy to use and boasts a friendly and helpful community.  If you are often out in nature on your bike be sure to join some of the issue-specific projects on the apps that will see you make a significant contribution towards valuable nature observations and studies. You can learn more about the app here.

Burn Your Fat with Me exceeds all expectations

The Burn Your Fat with Me app is unlike any other fitness app you have ever encountered due to the fact that it combines a virtual anime dating simulator with exercise prompts. In order to progress through the various chapters, and impress your chosen training partner, users need to reach certain fitness goals such as doing 50 sit-ups in under 3 minutes. When the app first launched it was aimed at male users and consisted of an impressive selection of female anime characters to choose from.

You can learn more about Burn Your Fat with Me here.

A second app, Burn Your Fat With Me – For Girls, features male characters and is fast surpassing the original app in terms of popularity. The app features a training mode that will not only increase your activity but also help you clear levels faster as well as an unlockable collection of training voices that can be used throughout the app. Despite being somewhat unconventional, the app is well-structured and filled with useful workouts, making it a good choice for anyone wanting to have some fun while getting fit.

Learn more about Burn Your Fat With Me – For Girls here.

There is no reason why fitness should not be enjoyable as well as beneficial. By making use of any (or all) of the above apps you are bound to have more fun getting fit than ever before.

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Jacqueline Cowell

Working as a motoring writer gave Jacqueline Cowell the chance to put her past experience as a mechanic to good use, once she became a mother and decided to stay at home with her two young children. She now puts together pieces for a range of different motoring websites, but in her free time restores classic vehicles with her husband. She is also a regular contributor to Apple Tech Talk.

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