Top Apple CarPlay Apps to Watch Out For

If you have a new iPhone and you drive, then without a doubt, one of the first things you’ve done is run to your car and hook it up to Apple CarPlay. This nifty platform is Apple’s answer to the demand for a safe way to use your phone while driving. With a sizeable display on hand, it’s easier than ever to make an important call, listen to music on your playlist, or get where you need to go via Maps. To up the safety factor, select the Driving Focus mode, which eliminates phone-based distractions while you drive. And don’t forget to use Siri so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road, while giving it commands to control your music, send someone a message, or give you directions to a friend’s home. Of course, Apple CarPlay is just the cherry on the cake. There are many apps you can download to make your driving experience safer, more practical, and more entertaining.

Apple CarPlay

Messaging Apps

If you are about to take a long drive, you may still want to stay in touch with those contacting you via message. Some of the best CarPlay-compatible apps are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangouts, and Telegram. You can receive notifications when you receive messages, listen to them with just one touch, and send automatic messages. For instance, you can send the message “Be back in 3 hours, am driving,” so your friends and family know when you’ll be available. Hangouts, meanwhile, is a great way to ensure you don’t miss out on any important conference calls, while Telegram functions similarly to WhatsApp.

For Car Enthusiasts Only

Maps will pretty much get you anywhere you want to go, but if you are the type of driver who enjoys finding the best roads to travel on, attending car events, and discovering points of interest, then ROADSTR is an app you probably won’t want to live without. It has over 8,000 routes that you can share with others. It also allows you to see other drivers on the map, with pictures of their car as the avatar. If you enjoy taking part in car events and are one of those car enthusiasts who ship their car to interstate events and beyond, then this app is also super useful. It contains over 30,000 events, including car shows, get-togethers, races, and other events. It additionally highlights points of interest during your drive, so you can stop and take photographs of stunning landscapes, attend a road show, or visit interesting places such as motor museums.

Entertainment Apps

When you’re on a road trip, you may stop to enjoy lunch, stretch your legs, or have a short nap. If you wish to rest while catching a series or a film, then three CarPlay-compatible apps that are musts are Disney+, YouTube, and Netflix. If music is more your thing, then you can curate the perfect playlist to accompany your drive on Spotify. If reading is more your thing, try Audible, Audiobooks by, Bookmate, or Google Play Books. Imagine enjoying a whole story by the type you reach your destination, without having to turn a single page. Of course, these apps offer much more than books. They also have a myriad of podcasts by top experts, celebrities, and influencers. 

Be Aware of Weather Conditions

Weather on the Way is an ideal app if you drive through areas where the weather can be a little problematic. This app lets you know the weather along your entire route at the exact time you plan on being there. It advises you on the best time to leave, enables you to avoid weather delays, and lets you know what to expect at every point of your trip. Other top apps in this category are Drive Weather, Trucker Tools, and Weather Data & Microclimate.

The Bottom Line

The list of Apple compatible apps for drivers spans hundreds of choices and there truly is something for practically every demand, from navigation right through to weather safety. Instead of sticking to CarPlay, expand your horizons by experimenting with some of the apps mentioned above. If you are a motoring enthusiast, make sure to download an app that will give you vital information on points of interest, events, and must-stop museums and sites.

How do you use Apple CarPlay and what are your favorite apps? Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below?

Jacqueline Cowell

Working as a motoring writer gave Jacqueline Cowell the chance to put her past experience as a mechanic to good use, once she became a mother and decided to stay at home with her two young children. She now puts together pieces for a range of different motoring websites, but in her free time restores classic vehicles with her husband. She is also a regular contributor to Apple Tech Talk.

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