4 Best Ways to Dispose of Your Old Phone

We live in a technology-driven society where almost everyone owns a phone, computer, laptop, iPad, and many other gadgets. Moreover, better electronic devices come up each day, and many people replace them often. But, what happens to those old or faulty electronic devices? The e-waste ends up in landfills, and the environmental effects can be devastating.

How can you get rid of your old phone? Read on for e-waste disposal methods.


E-waste recycling is one of the best ways to dispose of your electronic device. Many websites encourage people to sell old, unwanted, or damaged gadgets. They also offer recycling and e-waste disposal services.

 If you have old or non-functional phones at home, avoid dumping them in rivers and landfills. They are hazardous to the environment, and recycling is a safer way of getting rid of them. What are the benefits of recycling? It reduces landfill usage, prevents pollution, conserves natural resources, saves energy, lessens greenhouse gas emissions, and conserves the environment.

Sell the Phone

Many websites can compensate you for your old device. However, this will depend on the phone’s model. Also, if your device is in excellent working condition, most places will exchange it for a decent amount of money. To sell your old phone, search sell broken phones, and you’ll get a variety of websites where you can trade your device. By doing so, you’ll not only conserve the environment but also keep your child safe.

Donate the Device

Kids use their phones to access the internet, and many are exposed to different risks online, and donating the gadget intensifies your child’s safety. Nowadays, various charity organizations can use your old device and for a worthy cause. Some will sell the copper and other valuable metals and use the proceeds to support others in need. Others repair the phones and donate to charities and low income-earners.

Keep it as Backup

If your device is old but still in good condition, you can also keep it as a backup. Besides, you never know what may happen to your current phone. Find your old phones and sort them depending on their condition. Recycle the old ones and continue using others that are still functional.

The Bottom Line

It’s good to get rid of your child’s phone if it jeopardizes their safety. There are other sources of e-waste, like TVs, computers, and laptops. E-waste contains toxic elements that can be very harmful to our surroundings. So, the best way to dispose of unwanted phones is by recycling since this prevents further damage to the environment.

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