7 Hidden iOS Features You Should Be Using

One of the most popular smartphones on the planet is, without a doubt, the iPhone. Apple products bring huge value to the users but also cost a lot of money. That is why we want to make sure that you get the most out of your iPhone. With that in mind, we bring you seven hidden iOS features you should be using:

  • iOS Control Center customization
  • Back Tap button
  • iPhone document scanner
  • Drag & Drop feature for photos
  • Use Face ID with a mask
  • Flash for notifications feature
  • Relax with background sounds

Once you see how these amazing features work, you will understand why people decide to buy at the Apple Store!

iOS Control Center Customization

iPhone’s control center is easily one of the most useful features. You can customize it the way you want by adding favorite widgets. All that it takes to access is just a simple swipe down, and you can do that even if your iPhone is locked. To find an app, you usually need to search your iPhone, and if you have a lot of apps and features, that can take some time. However, if you just add them to the Control Center, they will always be available.

To customize your iOS Control Center, you need to navigate to Settings, then tap on Control Center, select More Controls, and then add any widget that you would like.

A person searching for an iPhone app by swiping.
Instead of swiping to find the app, simply add the widget to the Control Centre.

Enable the Back Tap Button

The back tap button is just one of those features that is so cool to use. It adds more functionality to your iPhone and speeds up the start of specific apps. You can activate it by navigating to the Settings and Accessibility menu and tapping Touch. Scroll to the bottom and toggle on the Back Tap. Here you can choose whatever option you want. You can set a double-tap or triple-tap option, and each will open a separate app. You can choose from the following:

  • App Switcher
  • Camera
  • Control Center
  • Home Lock
  • Rotation Lock
  • Screen
  • Mute
  • Notification Center
  • Reachability
  • Screenshot
  • Shake
  • Siri
  • Spotlight

Scan Documents With Ease

To scan a document, you usually need to find a scanner, which can be troublesome if you are in a hurry. However, iPhone offers a fantastic solution to take a quick scan of any document. To do this, you need to open any text app, like Notes or Messages. Tap and hold on to the text entry area and release after a couple of seconds. Scan Text feature will appear. This will turn your camera into a scanner. All you need to do is point the camera to the document you want to scan and click Insert when you’re ready to import to the app. Once you start using this feature, you will see how it will make your life easier.

Drag & Drop Photos on iPhone

The Drag & Drop feature is an exciting one. It allows you to drag your photos between different apps. Now you don’t have to copy and paste. Just press and hold on to the image or document you want to use. Give it a moment, and the selection will zoom in. Now you can freely move it around the screen. Simply use your other finger to swipe and choose an app where you want to drag and drop the photo.

An image of apps on iPhone.
Freely move pictures and documents between apps on your iPhone.

The only caveat is that not all types are supported. However, the most used ones are available. You can drag and drop videos, audio files, text documents, PDFs, and also photos. This will simplify the way you use apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, Telegram, and also iOS native apps.

Use Face ID With a Mask

When COVID-19 happened, the iPhone’s feature to use your Face ID to unlock the phone became unusable. The phone would not recognize your face when wearing a mask, so you had to take it off your face, unlock your phone, and then put it back on. However, Apple soon released an update that fixed this issue.

Go to Settings, and navigate to the Face ID and Passcode. Once you enter your passcode, you just need to turn on the Face ID With the Mask option. There will be another screen where you will need to select the option to use your face ID with a mask. Then you will scan your face, and it will capture the area around your eyes. Now you can use this feature. However, remember that this is a feature that promotes convenience over safety. Only the full-face ID feature guarantees safety when unlocking your phone.

Use Flash for Notifications

Sometimes you just want to take a break from your phone. You put it face down and mute it so you can relax. However, there’s always that itch when you start wondering whether somebody sent you a message or an email. You interrupt your break by taking the phone to check your messages constantly. Luckily, you can use a very neat feature that will inform you if you get a notification.

Activate the LED on the back of your iPhone to flash for notifications.
The back side of iPhone 13 Pro Max.

You can use your flashlight on the back of the phone by turning on this option in Settings. Navigate to Accessibility, tap on Audio/Visual, and find the option that says LED flash for alerts and turn it on. You can also toggle on the Flash on Silent option, which means that this will work even if your phone is on mute. Now, if you place your phone face down and somebody sends you a message, the LED light will flash, letting you know.

Relax With Background Sounds

The best way to relax while working is to play audio with soothing sounds. However, you don’t have to use YouTube for that. iPhone has a built-in feature that plays relaxing sounds for you. If you navigate to Settings, Accessibility, and then select Audio/Video, you will find the option with Background Sounds. If you toggle it on, you can choose one of the sounds from the list.

The options you can choose from include Rain, Stream, Ocean, or different types of noise. If you want to quickly access this feature, you can combine it with your Control Center customization and activate it from there.

The Bottom Line

These seven hidden iOS features are our best pick. However, there are many more! Feel free to explore your iPhone and make the best use of its amazing features and functionalities!

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Simon Coen

Simon Coen

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