A Guide to iCloud Photo Sharing

How to Upload Photos from Your Apple Device

One of the best things about having an iPhone or other Apple device is that you can set up photos to iCloud to share photos between all of your devices. This means that if you take a photo on your phone for example, it can transfer over to your Mac or iPad without any hassle.

iPhone taking a pucture - Photo by Almada Studio
Photo by Almada Studio

Not only does this mean you don’t need to worry about losing your valuable photos should something happen to your phone, but you can also use your photos seamlessly between devices. Whether you want to set one as your background or edit on a larger screen, it is easy to do with iCloud.

If you have recently started using Apple or haven’t before had iCloud photo sharing, you might be wondering just where to start. Here is our guide to how to set up iCloud photo sharing and upload photos from your apple device.

iCloud Photo Sharing – Getting Started

The first thing you need to do in order to set up iCloud photo sharing is to ensure you are signed into the same Apple account on all of your devices. Once you have ensured you are signed in on all devices under the same username, you need to check that you have iCloud photos turned on. This will ensure you can seamlessly connect between all of your devices to access your photos and videos.

Once you have done this, you need to go to settings > your user name > iCloud > photos

If you are on an iPad or iPod, you need to select “sync this iPhone.” If you are on an earlier device than iOS 15, you will need to select “Turn on iCloud photos.” Once you have done this, the photos will sync and you will be able to view them on your device.

In order to view your photos, you need to simply head to the Photos app and select View the Library. You will find all your images there.

If you are looking to upload photos to your Mac the process is very similar. For this you need to go to Photos > Settings > iCloud (if you are on macOS Ventura. If you are on a Mac that has an operating system older than 12, you need to select Photos > preferences > iCloud

Select iPhone Photos and from here you can view all those that are stored in the iCloud.

As well as accessing your photos on a device such as an iPad, phone or Mac, you can also use a browser. To do this, you need to head to iCloud.com/photos. This can be accessed on any browser. Once there, simply log in with your apple ID and you will find all your photos that have been backed up. It’s a great way to access them from anywhere.

A Word of Caution

Once you are syncing your photos using iCloud, any action you take will apply to all of the linked devices. That means if you delete a photo from your iPhone, it will also be deleted from your Mac, from iCloud and from any other device connected to that Apple ID, so proceed with caution.

The Bottom Line

This is a simple guide to iCloud photo sharing and how to upload photos from your apple device. Now this has been sorted you should find it easier than ever to back up your photos and be able to access them on all of your devices.

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