Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter

We previously tested a couple of adapters that changes Wired CarPlay to Wireless CarPlay and have had mixed reaction. So, when Binize reached out to us about testing their Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter, we were a little skeptical. Having now put it through its paces, we think the third time may be the charm.

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Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter – Unboxing

In the box is the Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter, two cables to connect the device to your car, a User Guide and an information card.

Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter - Unboxing

We were surprised at how compact this unit is. The actual adapter measures a mere 2.36” x 2.36” x 0.35” (60mm x 60mm x 9mm) and weighs a mere 88 oz (25 grams). You should have no problem finding a spot in your car to rest the main unit.

Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter - USB-C Port

On one side of the adapter is a USB-C port which connects the device into the CarPlay port in your vehicle. This would be a good time to remind you that your vehicle has to already have OEM wired CarPlay for this device to work.

Included in the box are two (2) cords to connect the device to your vehicle. Both have a USB-C plug to connect to the adapter. For the other end, one is a USB-A and the other cord is a USB-C. We appreciate that Binize included both USB types to accommodate whichever receptacle type you have in your vehicle.

Each cord measures just 12” long, tip-to-tip. We thought that was a little short but actually found it was long enough to meet our needs without having to deal with a lot of extra messy wire. If you find you need a longer cord, they are readily available.

Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter – Installation

At first glance, the installation instructions in the User Guide seemed a bit thin. But having gone through the installation process, we can say that it provides enough information to make the process quick and easy.

The first step is to connect the adapter to your vehicle’s CarPlay port using one of the included cables.

Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter - Power Light

That illuminated an LED alongside the USB-C port on the adapter. Within a couple of seconds, the LED started to flash. We also got a new screen on our vehicle’s display showing a new BT Device called smartBox-41EA.

Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter - First Screen

Next, we opened the Bluetooth panel on our iPhone and within a couple of seconds the adapter appeared in the Other Devices list with the same name that appeared on the vehicle’s screen.

Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter - UiPhone Bluetooth Screen

We selected the smartBox-41EA which moved it into the My Devices list and presented us with a pairing request.

Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter - Pairing Request

Admittedly, this left us a little confused for a few seconds. The Pairing Request message gave us a code and asked us to confirm this was the same code shown on the device. We looked all over but never found this, or any code on the adapter or in the enclosed paperwork. So, we just took it for granted that this was the correct code and pressed the Pair button. That presented us with another message box.

Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter - Use CarPlay Screen

After selecting Use CarPlay, we waited a couple of seconds and the CarPlay screen appeared on our vehicle’s display.

Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter - CarPlay Screen

Once the set-up was complete, we checked the CarPlay screen on our iPhone and it now shows two CarPlay connection.

One is the original wired connection to our 2021 Subaru Crosstrek, and the other is the Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter. Since these are considered two independent connections, you can customize each separately, including apps and icon placement.

Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter – Test Results

The Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter is one of those products that is hard to test since it either works or it doesn’t. We can say without hesitation, that this adapter worked flawlessly.

Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter - CarPlay Screen 2

The screen was crystal clear, with all of the icons we expected to see. The muti-view screen worked as expected and there were no breaks in the connection or drop-outs of video or audio for Apple Maps or Google Maps.

After the initial install, we did several tests to confirm that the wireless connection would be re-established automatically upon leaving the vehicle and returning. What we found is that the initial black BT Device screen appears with each vehicle start, which we assume is part of the adapter’s power-up process because shortly after, the CarPlay screen appears automatically. The same is true if you connect the adapter to the vehicle’s CarPlay port after starting the engine.

Hard as we tried, no matter what combination we used, we could not get the Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter to fail to connect to the vehicle. That’s impressive.

Our only caution in our testing is that there is no provision to charge your iPhone through the adapter.

Admittedly, a prior review we did with another CarPlay adapter did include a USB-A port which did charge the phone but disabled the wireless connection. And let’s be honest, if you are going to plug your iPhone in to the wireless adapter, you probably don’t need the adapter in the first place.

We would love to see a CarPlay wireless adapter that includes a Mag-Safe, or even a standard wireless charging panel integrated into the adapter so you could just lay your phone on the adapter to charge it while still having a wireless CarPlay session.

Short of that, most vehicles have at least one 12V charging port in their vehicles that could be used to charge your iPhone for longer trips that could wear down your battery.

The Bottom Line

While many car manufacturers are moving towards wireless CarPlay as an OEM feature, there is still a large number of vehicles on the road that don’t have that function built-in. For them, the Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter is an excellent choice.

With its small size and easy connection process, you can have wireless CarPlay in your vehicle in a matter of minutes.

While longer duration trips may require you to charge your iPhone at some point, shorter local trips will have minimal impact on your iPhone battery life and having the ability to just get in your vehicle and go without needing to connect your iPhone is a huge benefit.

The Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter works with any vehicle that has OEM CarPlay installed. If you want to check to see if your vehicle is compatible, you can see Apple’s complete list at:

The Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter is available on Amazon.

You can also check out all of the Binize products on their Amazon store here.

We would like to thank the folks at Binize for providing the Binize Wired to Wireless CarPlay Adapter for our testing and review.

What do you think of wireless CarPlay? Is it something you would use in your vehicle? Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below.

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