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Recently, we told you about the new Motus line of cases for the iPhone 14 (read the announcement here).

But just because you don’t have latest and greatest iPhone model, doesn’t mean you don’t want the best protection for the iPhone you have. If you fall into that category, check out some of the latest iPhone cases from the folks at BodyGuardz.

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Large variety of case optionsLifetime Warranty isn’t really lifetime
Excellent fit and protection 

All of the cases we discuss here were designed for, and tested on a iPhone 13 Mini. In all cases, the fit and finish was excellent with the cut-outs for the camera, volume controls, speakers, lightning connector, power button and mute switch all fitting perfectly.


First on the list is BodyGuardz Soliture™. This clear case is frosted on the back and all edges. The outer surface of the case is smooth while the inside of the back has a slight texture. The sides are smooth on the inside edge and has an even lighter texture on the outside to improve grip. The front edge has a slightly raised edge to add protection for the screen.

BodyGuardz Solitude Case
BodyGuardz Solitude Case

We like the slim design of this case which adds little to the overall dimensions of the iPhone and makes it easy to still fit in our pocket or purse.

Installing the case on our phone was effortless, although removing it take a bit more effort.

The BodyGuardz Solitude case comes in a variety of colors including Clear, Smoke (dark gray), Neon Blue and Neon Pink. It is available for all versions of the iPhone 13. All BodyGuardz Solitude case models are rated for 8ft Drop Protection.


If the idea of a frosted back does not appeal to you, take a look at the BodyGardz Crave case.

BodyGuardz Carve Case
BodyGuardz Carve Case

The Carve has all of the same features of the Solitude series but has a clear plastic back to let the natural beauty of your iPhone shine through, while the sides have a slight frosted look.

Like the Solitude case, the fit and finish of the Carve is excellent. All of the buttons are covered by the case but continue to be easy to use and the cut outs on the side and bottom are exact to the iPhone design.

The BodyGuardz Carve case has an 8ft drop rating and is available in Clear, Smoke and Blue and has a size to fit any iPhone 13 model.

Ace Pro

For those of you that spend a lot of time in harsh conditions, or just need some extra protection, check out the BodyGuardz Ace Pro case.

BodyGuardz Ace Pro Case
BodyGuardz Ace Pro Case

Like the other cases we have discussed, the Ace Pro has an excellent fit and finish. The clear back shows off the true color of your iPhone while still allowing use of a MagSafe charger.

The edges are an enhanced plastic with a rubberized feel on the outside to provide added grip protection while also providing a rubbery cushion for the side of your iPhone. That said, the sides on the clear Ace Pro case does give off a heavier white coloring, while the Smoke version is a sharper black. This added protection gives the Ace Pro a 12 ft drop rating.

The Bottom Line

There is certainly no shortage of iPhone cases on the market, and they range in price from very inexpensive to extremely expensive. So how is someone supposed to choose the right one.

For starters, we think it’s always better to stick with a name brand that is prepared to stand behind what they sell.

BodyGuardz is a BGZ brands company founded in 2002. They started with a small line of screen protectors for a limited number of devices, and has grown to now provide millions of cases, screen protectors and accessories for Apple products as well as non-Apple products.

As a company, they are focused on sustainability and many of their products are made with Bioplastics and recycled materials. Even their packaging is 100% recyclable.

We are a little disappointed in the BodyGuardz warranty statement.

On the BodyGuardz web site, under their warranty section they state that BodyGuardz cases have a “Lifetime Limited Warranty” against manufacturer’s defects, for the life of the product. That sounds great but if you read a little further, they state that they define lifetime of the product as 2-years from the date of the purchase by the original user.

What we object to is calling it a “Lifetime” warranty and then qualifying what lifetime means to them. We have no issue with BodyGuardz offering a 2-year warranty. In fact, that is significantly longer than many other case manufacturers. We just think they should be a more transparent and state that their cases have a 2-year warranty. Especially since sites like Amazon clearly state that their cases carry a “limited lifetime warranty”.

Aside from that, we love the BodyGuardz cases for iPhone. They provide a high level of protection at a reasonable price and offer a wide variety of case styles and colors for your iPhone, whether your is the latest iPhone 14, an older iPhone Xs or any model in between. And if you happen to own something other than an iPhone, they offer plenty of options for your too.

You can check out all of their case options as well as their other product offerings on their web site at

We would like to thank the folks at BodyGuardz for providing a variety of iPhone 13 cases for our testing and review.

What is your favorite iPhone case? Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below.

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