BodyGuardz Unveils Next-Level Protection Designed for iPhone 14

Motus provides highly advanced protection with the most sustainable material available

BodyGuardz, the leader in mobile device protection made from sustainable materials, today unveiled Motus, its latest innovation designed for iPhone 14.

This year’s iPhone is expected to be one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology in the world. BodyGuardz is changing the device protection landscape once again with Motus, a low profile case with multi-layer device protection that showcases a functional clip that attaches to belts or straps, holds numerous credits cards or cash, and even stands on end for more effective video calls. 

“For BodyGuardz, sustainability means finding ways throughout the entire organization to create more sustainable products and a more sustainable industry,” said Kirk Feller, CEO of BodyGuardz. “Our team hand selects sophisticated bioplastics and certified recycled materials that do not sacrifice any amount of device protection.”

As a result, the BodyGuardz Pure 3 scr is the first mobile device protection manufacturer to be awarded the Green Product Mark from TUV Rheinland, a world leader in product quality and sustainability certifications. Not only will users have peace of mind that their phone is protected by the best technology, they’ll know that it was constructed  with the most sustainable material available on the market.

Motus Cast Iron iPhone 14
Motus Cast Iron iPhone 14

Motus product features include:

  • Reinforced with a stainless steel clip for drop protection 
  • Covered ports to keep out dust and impurities 
  • Hands-free, easy phone access with exclusive Quick Draw Clip
  • PureGuard™ antimicrobial 
  • MagSafe compatible 
  • Made from 50% certified recycled material

Additional BodyGuardz products made for iPhone 14 include:

  • Ace Pro: Slim and lightweight with a 14-ft drop rating
  • Ace Pro MagSafe: Built-in MagSafe ring plus all Ace Pro features
  • Carve: Sculpted edges, responsive buttons, and ultra-thin profile
  • Carve MagSafe: Built-in MagSafe ring with all the existing Carve features
  • Solitude: Beveled, ergonomic edges, easy press buttons, sound-enhancing 
  • Pure 3: 5X strength of screen alone, 30% recycled glass, Green Product Mark certification.
  • Pure 3 EyeGuard: Blue light filter with certified retina protection
  • Pure 3 Privacy: Hides your screen when viewed from the side, plus all the features of Pure 3
  • Eco PRTX: The world’s first Green Product Mark certified screen protector with shatterproof synthetic glass
  • Pure: One of the world’s first tempered glass, impact-resistant screen protector

For more information on BodyGuardz, its products, and its commitment to sustainability, visit

About BGZ Brands

BGZ brands’ mission is “to enhance our customers’ lifestyles through branded products and services of elevated value and quality.” What began as a small line of screen protectors for a limited number of devices has grown into a powerhouse company behind three distinct mobile accessory brands—BodyGuardz (, Lander ( and MOXYO ( For more information, visit BGZ brands (

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