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On September 20, 1989, Apple introduced its first portable computer. Of course it is sometimes hard to consider it portable. With exterior dimensions of 4.0” x 15.25” x 14.8”, and weighing in at just under 16 pounds, it became affectionately known as a “luggable” rather than a portable. But even as Apple made smaller and thinner machines, they tended to lack the power and performance of a desktop computer.

Original Apple Portable Computer

We’ve come a long way since then and today’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are smaller, lighter and just as powerful as almost any desktop Mac available. So it’s no wonder that worldwide sales of laptop computers have continued to increase over time to the point that they now exceed desktop computer sales by more than 2 to 1. Even people that primarily work at a desk, like the ability to take their computer with them if they travel, or have a remote worksite arrangement.

And since any Apple fan knows that their MacBook Air or MacBook Pro deserves to travel in style, you should check out the premium sleeves offered by the folks at Harber London.

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Beautiful leather exterior with soft liningTends to be a tight fit when first used
Superior materials and workmanship 

Who Is Harber London?

Founded in 2012, Haber London is a family run brand based in London, England. The decision to start the company arose out of their frustration to find a high quality laptop sleeve. Since those early days, they have expanded their product line and now design and create high quality leather products, for a variety of uses and use some of the finest quality leathers which are handcrafted in Spain by their highly skilled craftsmen and women.

Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve – Unboxing

Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve - Unboxing 1

We initially received a shipping notice for our Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve and noticed that it was, in fact, coming to us directly from Spain. That said, it took only a few days to  arrive. Once we removed the Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve from the shipping package, we were greeted with a sealed paper envelop which is opened by pulling on a perforated strip.

Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve - Unboxing 2

Inside was yet another wrapping. This time it was a tissue paper sealed with a gold colored sticker baring the Haber London insignia.

Removing the paper finally revealed the Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve along with a thank you card from the folks at Harber London.

Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve – Specifications

The style of our Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve is a simple slip in type design, meaning that it is open on the top but closed on the other three sides. Our 13” MacBook Pro slides into the sleeve at the top but there are no other fasteners or closures.

Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve

The exterior is a beautiful soft leather in tan but is also offered in black, navy blue and dark brown. The sleeve measure 11.75” x 9” high x 0.25” thick (more on that in a moment).

Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve - Logo and stitching

At the bottom of what we would consider the front side is the Harber London logo embossed into the leather. The entire perimeter is edged with color coordinated single stitching. The stitching is reinforced about 1” from the top and then splits to allow the top edge to be open to insert your laptop. This also allows you to spread the entire sleeve slightly to allow you to slip the laptop in and out more easily.

Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve - Lining

The interior of the sleeve is lined with a soft wooled felted lining.

We are impressed with the way Harber London handled the sleeve lining.

In other leather sleeve we have used in the past the lining was applied to the interior of the sleeve but did not go all the way to the edge. Instead, the edges stitched leather to leather with the lining layered inside the stitch lines.

Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve - Layers

In the Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve, the felt lining goes all the way to the edges, with the stitching capturing both the felt lining and the two outer layers of leather. This not only provides complete protection for the edges of your MacBook, but acts as a small gusset making the edges of the sleeve slightly wider.

There is extra stitching at the top of the sleeve to reinforce the open end since there will be some added stress

Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve – Test Results

Like many of the products offered by Harber London, their MacBook sleeves are offered in a variety of sizes to fit your specific model. Whether you have an 11” MacBook Air, a 16” MacBook Pro or anything in between, there is a Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve made specifically for your size device.

Our sleeve was designed for our 2017 MacBook Pro. Admittedly, we found the fit to be a little snug when we first put our computer in it. However, like any other fine leather product it appears to soften with use and after only a couple of times slipping our MacBook Pro in and out of the sleeve, it is already getting easier to use. In any case, we are comfortable knowing that that our computer is not going to accidently slip out of the case while we transport it.

The Bottom Line

We have to admit that in the past, we would use any kind of sleeve or pouch to transport our MacBook Pro. Having now used the Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve, we have changed our point of view.

Our MacBook Pro is an import and expensive work tool and deserves to be treated a s such. The Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve not only adds a layer of protection but makes a statement that you are carrying an important piece of equipment and treat it with the  quality protection it deserves.

The high quality leather and the wooled felt lining is as functional as it is beautiful and the custom fit of your laptop in its sleeve will add a sense of security that your MacBook is well protected.

You can find this specific sleeve style on their website at: https://www.harberlondon.com/products/slim-leather-macbook-sleeve-case 

If the idea of a simple sleeve is not to your liking fear not. Harber London offers a wide variety of styles including magnetic and zippered closures, folio styles with added storage pockets and leather and exterior felt styles. You can see all of their styles at: https://www.harberlondon.com/collections/macbook.

They also offer sleeves for your iPad and iPhone. Like the MacBook sleeves, these are all custom sized to fit your particular model.

You already own a premium laptop. Doesn’t it deserve to be transported in a premium case?

You can check out all of their sleeves on their web site at www.harberlondon.com. While there, check out their wide variety of other leather products.

You can also find a selection of their products, including this laptop sleeve on Amazon.

We would like to thank the folks at Harber London for providing the Harber London MacBook Pro Sleeve for our testing and review.

How do you protect your Apple portable products when on the go? Do you like the idea of a premium leather laptop sleeve? Why not join the conversation and leave a comment below?

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