History of iOS – 2019 Edition

Just before last week’s release of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, Apple release iOS 13, the latest version of the iPhone operating system.  Since many iPhone users are not upgrading to the newest hardware, we thought it would be a good time to report our history of iOS so you can see how far we have come in a relatively short time.

Perhaps the bigger news is that iOS has now been adapted specifically for the iPad.  Called iPadOS, it has been specifically designed to accommodate the larger screen sized of the iPad as well as provide additional functionality. You can learn more about iPadOS here.

We’ll continue to track the development of iPadOS and you can follow its development in the table that follows the iOS history below.

Version NumberDate AnnouncedDate ReleasedFinal VersionMajor Enhancements
iPhone OS 16/9/076/29/071.1.5Initial release for Phone, iPod and Internet Device
iPhone OS 2March 20087/11/082.2.1Ap Store
Improved Maps
Added Language Support
iPhone OS 3March 20096/17/093.2.2Cut/Copy/Paste
Spotlight Search
Turn-by-Turn Navigation
iOS 4March 20106/21/104.3.5Facetime
Personal Hotspots
iOS 56/6/1110/12/115.1.1iCloud
Notification Center
Wireless Sync & Activation
iOS 66/11/129/19/126.1.6Apple Maps
Do Not Disturb
iOS 76/10/139/18/137.1.2Activation Lock
Control Center
Touch ID
iOS 86/2/149/17/148.4.1Apple Music
Apple Pay
iCloud Drive
Family Sharing
Third-Party Keyboards
iOS 96/8/159/16/159.3.5Night Shift
Low Power Mode
iOS 106/13/169/13/1610.3.3Delete Built-In Apps
iOS 116/5/179/19/1711.4.1Augmented Reality
AirPlay 2
iOS 126/4/189/17/1812.4.1Group FaceTime
Measaure App
iOS 136/3/199/19/19TBDDark Mode
Updated Maps
Updated Reminders
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Version NumberDate AnnouncedDate ReleasedFinal VersionMajor Enhancements
iPadOS 13.16/9/079/24/2019TBDInitial release for iPad Air 2 and later.

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This article was originally published on September 4, 2018. The content has changed to reflect more up-to-date information and will no longer appear under that publication date.

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