Netgear Realeases ReadyNAS OS 6.7.0

We have been providing ongoing coverage of the Netgear ReadyNAS line of products starting with our review of the ReadyNAS RN202 (read Part 1 of our review here), and our review of the new ReadyNAS 526X (read our review here). During that time there have been some major firmware releases.

The folks at Netgear have been hard at work making more improvements to the ReadyNAS line.

On April 2, 2017, Netgear released ReadyNAS OS 6.7.0 which is available for both ARM and X86 based systems. Along with the usual improvements and bug fixes, OS 6.7.0 allows their RR3312 (2U, 12-bay) and $$4312 (2U, 12-bay, 10GbE) to expand to 60-bay by connecting to 2x EDA4000; and RR4360X (4U 60-bay) to a gigantic 132-bay by connecting to 3x EDA4000 units. In addition, OS 6.7.0 allows Backup to Amazon S3.

Here are the release notes provided by Netgear.

New Features and  Enhancements:

  • Expanded FlexRAID configurable options.
  • Support for single disk expansion.
  • Support for RAID 50 and 60.
  • Support for Global Host Spare.
  • SAS Expansion support for the RR3312 and RR4312.
  • Google Drive Support.
  • Amazon AWS Support.


  • Visual Volume Configuration.
  • Updated to the latest Dropbox.
  • iSCSI Thin LUN capacity monitoring.
  • ReadyNAS Apps expand support to third-party repos within the app.
  • ReadyNAS Apps now shows more info in the installation progress.
  • Updated Linux Kernel from 4.1 to 4.4.
  • Support for newer hardware.

Bug Fixes:

  • Updated AV config to prevent reporting false positives.
  • ADS Environment performance.
  • ReadyDR support for longer snapshot names.
  • Security fix for Command Injection during the setup of Backup Jobs || Various Security fixes to Backup Jobs.
  • Amazon Cloud Drive sync fixes.
  • Middleware NML call Security fix.
  • ReadyCLOUD VPN stability fix.
  • Hourly snapshots are taken when disk spin down is enabled.
  • Various MTP Backup fixes.
  • Removed the c_, m_, b_, and r_ username and share name limitations.
  • Prevent protocol port conflicts.
  • Switching network from DHCP to Static will retain DNS.


  • Devices updated with 6.7.0 firmware should not be downgraded to earlier firmware versions.

Known Issues:

  • Dropbox configuration are not getting migrated to the new version and will need to be reconfigured.

Here are the Download Links for your particular models

arm (RN102 / 104 / 202 / 204 / 212 / 214 / 2120)
x86_64 (RN312 / 314 / 316 / 422 / 424 / 516 / 524 / 526 / 528 / 626 / 628 / 716 / 3130 / 3138 / 3220 / 4220 / 3312 / 4312 / 4360)

If you need help updating your firmware, you can review the Netgear Knowledgebase article here.

Do you have a ReadyNAS or some other server in your home? How do you use it and what do you like most about it? Why not join the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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