Netgear Releases ReadyNAS OS 6.8.0

We have been providing ongoing coverage of the Netgear ReadyNAS line of products starting with our review of the ReadyNAS RN202 (read Part 1 of our review here), and the  ReadyNAS 526X (read our review here). The folks at Netgear continue to make improvements to the ReadyNAS OS with the release of ReadyNAS OS 6.8.0 which is available for both ARM and X86 based systems.

The following are some items to look forward to in 6.8.0:

ReadyNAS OS 6.8.0  – New Features and Enhancements

  • File Search through the admin interface (not available on RN102 or RN104)
  • HTTP/HTTPS Proxy support for built in services (remote firmware updates, ReadyCLOUD, and app install/update)
  • Share NFS User ID Mapping Configuration.
  • Featured Apps.
  • Categorized ReadyNAS Available Apps.
  • Enhancements for macOS.
  • Multiple admin account support, using the admin group.
  • FlexRAID allow formatting multiple disks in one operation.
  • Under the Performance section, the PSU and UPS are shown as separated items to help devices with larger disk capacity units.
  • Delay automatic power off if a ReadyDR job is in process.

ReadyNAS OS 6.8.0  – Bug Fixes

  • Skylake CPU microcode. (RR3312/4312/4360)
  • Stack Clash vulnerability (CVE-2017-1000364 and friends).
  • Security issues in Apache (CVE-2017-7679, CVE-2017-3167, CVE-2017-3169, CVE-2017-7668).
  • False failure status in backup job “Test Connection” functionality with NFS backup jobs.
  • “Safe Mode” fallback for web admin interface.
  • Intermittent WD Gold disk detection failure. (RR4360)
  • Issues with search queries containing special characters.
  • Issue where a RAID reshape may not continue after rebooting.
  • False PSU offline alerts. (RN3220/4220, RR3312/4312/4360)
  • Issue where static network configuration on VLANs of bonded interfaces would reset after reboot.
  • Failure to switch a volume with multiple RAID groups from Striped to Concatenated mode.
  • ReadyDR failures on shares with non-ASCII characters.
  • Potential file system metadata corruption on ReadyDR destination systems with multiple jobs and quotas enabled.
  • Incremental backup jobs backing up to remote OSX machines over SMB.
  • UNIX permissions of files synced with Cloud Storage.
  • GUI performance issues in ADS mode with trusted domains when using share-level ACLs.
  • GUI opening the wrong tab when clicking the Volume Schedule button.

Devices updated with 6.8.0 firmware should not be downgraded to earlier firmware versions.

Known Issues

ReadyNAS OS 6.8.0  – Download Links

arm (RN102 / RN104 / RN202 / RN204 / RN212 / RN214 / RN2120)
x86_64 (RN312 / RN314 / RN316 / RN422 / RN424 / RN426 / RN516 / RN524X / RN526X / RN528X /  RN626X / RN628X / RN716X / RR2304 / RN3130 / RN3138 / RN3220 / RN4220 / RR3312 / RR4312X / RR4312S / RR4360X / RR4360S)

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