Reasons Why a Biodegradable Phone Case Is a Good Idea in 2022

What does the future of phone cases look like? If experts are correct, biodegradable phone cases will be all the rage in 2022. Here’s why you should get one now and why they are better than the plastic variety currently dominating the market.

Biodegradable Phone Cases Are Better For The Environment

Biodegradable phone cases won’t pollute the environment like plastic phone cases do when they’re thrown away after use because they degrade much more quickly and are therefore less likely to litter street corners and parks around your town.

What do we know about biodegradable/compostable products?

They’re made from organic materials and break down into useful, natural nutrients. They are mainly made up of bioplastics such as polylactic acid  (PLA), a plant polymer with a bamboo binder. Both have low impact on soil and waterways, but they do require more processing than traditional plastics. PLA is made from plant-based sources like corn or soybean oils.

What do we know about composting phones in general?

Smartphones are expensive, and they’re made of precious materials that will take hundreds of years to decompose. The numbers are scary: According to various reports, a person who upgrades their phone every two years will leave behind up to 14 pounds of electronic waste. More than 35 million phones go into landfills every year—that’s enough cell phones to cover 5,000 football fields.  One way to minimize this immense amount of waste is by investing in unique phone cases that are also biodegradable.  At the very least your phone case will reduce your carbon footprint.

How will this change our lives?

If a phone case is what people see every time they look at their phones, why not make them something cool? Unique phone cases are great, but colorful phone cases and biodegradable phone cases can say something more about you. Do you want to communicate your love of nature? A green case says that. Do you want to set yourself apart as an environmentally-conscious citizen? Then don’t just recycle your old phones – use unique biodegradable mobile devices that let everyone know what matters to you. By choosing one of these options for all your devices, people will get a glimpse into who you are: someone with values beyond just what’s trending or fashionable.

When will these products hit the market?

They are already here!  It’s time to think about your phone case in a different way. 2022 is going to be all about getting creative with your phone accessories. In fact, many expect there will be entire stores focused on eco-friendly cell phone cases!

The Bottom Line

Biodegradable products are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and manufacturers alike.  The first step to buying one of these innovative phone cases is figuring out what you want your case to look like. If you want something unique, colorful and different, there are several websites that offer just that! If you’re looking for something biodegradable or cheap, however, it’s a little trickier. There aren’t many options available quite yet but with enough effort and persistence, we can get them in our hands today!

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Beatrice Pitocco

Beatrice Pitocco, is a sales and marketing professional, and founder of
Her passion for photography, philanthropy and design culminated in the launch of, which sells unique phone cases, and colorful phone cases that depict and showcase her PhotoArt.  Additionally, every purchase made online, donates a portion of proceeds to support children’s education and basic nutrition needs in some of the most rural and remote communities in  the highlands of Peru.  Since inception, the site has raised well over $10,000 and continues to support the education and nutritional needs of some of Peru’s most vulnerable.  Her passion for color is exemplified in her use of it on the Illusion Case designs.  For more information, please visit

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